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Project Generation - Template

There is a project generator that you can use to get started, with a lot of the initial set up, security, database and first API endpoints already done for you.




  • Full Docker integration (Docker based).
  • Docker Swarm Mode deployment.
  • Docker Compose integration and optimization for local development.
  • Production ready Python web server using Uvicorn and Gunicorn.
  • Python FastAPI backend with all its features.
  • Celery worker that can import and use code from the rest of the backend selectively (you don't have to install the complete app in each worker).
  • NoSQL Couchbase database that supports direct synchronization via Couchbase Sync Gateway for offline-first applications.
  • Full Text Search integrated, using Couchbase.
  • REST backend tests based on Pytest, integrated with Docker, so you can test the full API interaction, independent on the database. As it runs in Docker, it can build a new data store from scratch each time (so you can use ElasticSearch, MongoDB, or whatever you want, and just test that the API works).
  • Easy Python integration with Jupyter Kernels for remote or in-Docker development with extensions like Atom Hydrogen or Visual Studio Code Jupyter.
  • Email notifications for account creation and password recovery, compatible with:
    • Mailgun
    • SparkPost
    • SendGrid
    • ...any other provider that can generate standard SMTP credentials.
  • Vue frontend:
    • Generated with Vue CLI.
    • JWT Authentication handling.
    • Login view.
    • After login, main dashboard view.
    • Main dashboard with user creation and edition.
    • Self user edition.
    • Vuex.
    • Vue-router.
    • Vuetify for beautiful material design components.
    • TypeScript.
    • Docker server based on Nginx (configured to play nicely with Vue-router).
    • Docker multi-stage building, so you don't need to save or commit compiled code.
    • Frontend tests ran at build time (can be disabled too).
    • Made as modular as possible, so it works out of the box, but you can re-generate with Vue CLI or create it as you need, and re-use what you want.
  • Flower for Celery jobs monitoring.
  • Load balancing between frontend and backend with Traefik, so you can have both under the same domain, separated by path, but served by different containers.
  • Traefik integration, including Let's Encrypt HTTPS certificates automatic generation.
  • GitLab CI (continuous integration), including frontend and backend testing.